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industrial hoses, hose systems and couplings - BAUER couplings & STORZ couplings

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Abrasion-Proof Suction & Transport Hoses made from PU

Suction & transport hoses made from polyurethane, especially suitable for abrasive transport goods, excellent durability

Suction & Transport Hoses made from PVC/EVA

Suction & transport hoses made from PVC offer good chemical resistance. Hoses made from EVA are very lightweight, robust and crush-resistant

Hardly Inflammable Hoses

Hardly inflammable hoses made from PU are especially suitable for applications in the wood industry and have excellent abrasion resistance

Microbe & Hydrolysis Resistant Hoses

Extremely flexible hoses made from Polyester & Polyether-Polyurethane for a wide range of applications

Food & Pharmaceutical Hoses

Smooth hoses made from Polyether-Polyurethane, certified to EU directives & FDA approved for almost any application in the Food & Pharmaceutical industries

Antistatic & Electroconductive Hoses

For preventing danger of ignition through electrostatic charges

Crush Resistant & Recoverable Hoses

Suction & transport hoses especially suited to extreme mechanical loads

Air-Conditioning, Ventilation & Welding Fumes Hoses

Air Supply & Ventilation in Air-Conditioning Technology & Extractor Units

Exhaust Gas Hoses

Hoses for suction/extraction of exhaust fumes from combustion engines at temperatures up to +1100 °C

Temperature Resistant Hoses up to +250 °C

Suction & transport hoses for media temperatures up to +250 °C

Temperature Resistant Hoses from +250 °C to +1100 °C

Suction hoses for gases up to +1100 °C

Chemical Resistant Hoses

Suction & transport hoses for aggressive gases & fine-particled media such as dusts and powders in the chemicals industry

Custom-Designed Clip Hoses

Custom-made designs for preventing temperature loss & for applications in all industrial sectors

Electrically Heated Hoses

Heated hoses with integrated temperature controller/limiter for application in industrial processes, automation & machine-building

PU-Lined Pipes & Pipe-Bends

Innovative Wear Protection for Pipes & Pipe-Bends

Installation & Connections

Connection solutions for almost any application, from standard connectors to tailor-made & customer-specific connections



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